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Residential Interior Design

Habu Interior Design is dedicated to creating a customised experience by use of our creativity, commitment to quality and exceptional service.

We deliver an extensive collection of interior design services  for residences that includes preparatory design plans through to complete management of the entire project. We are committed to innovation in beautiful, comfortable and safe interior environments that enhance the lives of all who live there.

We carefully create a plan that completely incorporates all that you require, to have a home that is a a place relaxation, entertainment and enjoyment.

We have been transforming home interiors of all shapes and sizes for more than 10 years. You may completely trust us to manage your project from beginning to end – from initial vision  design details to selection of all materials used, to the implementation of each.

Our Award Winning Interior Designers will guide you through the designing of the interior of your home, the layout of furniture, all surface treatments, what colors go where and, if you want, complete custom built-in mill work and interior construction documentation. Residential interior design and decorating ideas tailor made to individual home interior needs from bedroom, living room, bathroom, kitchen, sitting room design, dining room design and decoration including interior furnishing ideas curtains, furniture, lighting, carpets, wallpaper, blinds, flooring.

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Commercial Interior Design

Commercial interior design and management we work directly with architects, engineers and contractors to ensure that interior surroundings are functional, safe that comply to building codes and regulations

Corporate office interior design for any kind of business. The layout of space as a medium to express your corporate brand.

Commercial interior design, the interior design of commercial premises plays a pivotal role in a business’s success. Everything about the design of a commercial property is important to the success of that business.

Habu Interior Design designs all aspects of commercial and retail interiors. We offer management of an entire project, design development, improvement plans for any property, schematic design, graphic presentations and renderings, buying and installation services and consultations for commercial and retail industries.

Effective use of space and functional design for salon, shop, cafe, retail interiors, office interiors, office refurbishment, office layout, office reception areas, modern office interior design Dublin.

As professional commercial interior designers and decorators we work closely with our clients to design a commercial interior that portrays their business image.

Modern Office Interior Design

Hospitality Interior Design

Hospitality and Recreation design including hotels, cafes, bars, nightclubs, sports venues, restaurants, gyms, health clubs and spas.

From hotel design projects to restaurant design, we cover all the latest trends in hospitality interior decorating.

As an Interior designer we work directly with architects, engineers and contractors where our designs are functional, safe, and comply to building codes and regulations.

Creative hospitality interior design and project management in Dublin!

Habu for the best hospitality, restaurant, and hotel designs

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Interior Design Consultation

  • Meet & Agree
  • Idea & Concept
  • Design & Create
  • Build & Install

Get the home or office makeover you’ve always wanted.

Be it interior design, remodeling, refurbishment or staging home commercial interior design or hospitality design, inspiring design projects result when the interior designer and client collaborate and communicate effectively. Client and interior designer consult on services provided meet up to determine project goals objectives aesthetic style, modern or contemporary design, functional requirements schedules and budget.

Conceptual Phase / Initial Stage
The conceptual phase is where the interior designer first meets with the client to define the client’s needs and expectations. It helps the parties arrive at a clearly defined and feasible plan of action to come up with interior design ideas.

This part of the contract will assess:

The need for the interior designer to consult with the client to figure out the client’s needs and assist with preparing the project’s budget.
Figuring out the space allocation needs and how to effectively use the space for a specific function.
How many meetings the interior designer and client will need before the designer begins creating plans and drawings for the design project.
How sketches for floor plans, sections, elevations, etc. will be developed.

This is where the designer begins developing interior design ideas, concrete plans and drawings based on the client’s feedback.

Our interior design project manager oversees interior design projects.

Your project is assigned to an experienced project manager who manages all the work involved to meet deadlines accurately.

Coordinate interior design project from start to finish produced by our in-house designers.

Delivering your project on time, to cost and the highest quality with minimal disruption.

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